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'Empowering Me'

By Participating in 'Empowering me' Programme 

I am honoured to walk alongside you on your
“Empowering Me” Journey.

You Will

'Empowering Me' 

is offered as a 12 week course

Start making the change you desire in your life.

This programme focusses on self-empowerment, enabling you to thrive not just survive. Nicola walks alongside of you, focussing on :

Stop deferring your happiness, defeat your fears and take inspired action now.
Attract your desires so you can live with energy and purpose.
Own your power changing your and others lives.

Assisting you to defeat your fears
Designing daily habits to support your purpose
Inspiring hope while creating possibilities
Supporting you whilst reconnecting with yourself and your power
Appreciating and honouring your unique journey
Deepening your relationships.

is tailored specifically for you

'empowering me'


Over the past two decades, I have developed a programme that enables me to not only fulfil my purpose, but that of my son, Thomas.

For an in-depth look, please visit www.tomsreadings.com 

My fear no longer paralyses me. 

My fear no longer grips me.

My fear walks with me.


BOOK a 30 minute 

Complimentary Pathfinder Session

Click here to arrange a time

is for you
if you are willing to:

'Empowering Me' 

Put time and effort into daily practices
Dive deep into your fears and what is holding you back from your dreams
Resolve issues that hold you back from discovering your purpose

is NOT for you
if you :

'Empowering Me' 

Want a 'band aid' quick fix
Are not willing to 'invest' in your personal development
Are willing to stay with the status quo

What people say...

has A Unique Ability To Gain people's trust

Michelle Smith

LIFEWISE:OperationalService Manager

Nicola is an essential member of  National Speakers Association America