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It took me several decades to own my power. The last thing I want is that it takes you and your audience that long.

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Life has dealt me numerous life challenges. Over time I made a choice to see these challenges as gifts, as priceless learnings. Right in the core, right in the heart of every challenge I have faced, there has been priceless gifts to appreciate, to be thankful for. There is a diamond, a gem, and stillness within every challenge.

How do you see your challenges?

Is it time to change your perspective?

Are fears holding you back from living
the purposeful life you desire?

I Deliver Hope To Others 

Like many people, Nicola was fearful of speaking in public.

In fact she considers herself an introvert and found she rarely had an opinion about anything. She thought she had found her path until numerous wake-up calls and her deep desire made her stop. She needed to learn to breathe and amongst other things, defeated her fears, and own her power. Now it was time for her to share her messages with the world.

The one of the most transformational moments in her life was when her son near death experience from contracting pneumococcal meningitis. Thomas, now 24, is living independently from Nicola with 24/7 care. He has numerous severe complex challenges including being non-verbal yet he has his own internet business.

now 24,
 is living independently
from Nicola with 24/7 care.

Have a look and you will be inspired about the possibilities.


own your power

just breathe...

defeated fear

one of the most transformational moments...

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A gift of perspective

a different kind of gift

a gift of a perspective.

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Along her way, including residing in Asia over two decades, she co-founded 'The White Rose Family Foundation’ (WRFF), a registered Hong Kong charity that worked to integrate children with mental and physical challenges into the community.

For 7 years WRFF successfully funded various developmental courses and after school activities through raised charitable donations.

'The White Rose Family Foundation' 
A hong kong charity

She still advocates
for others through
Citizen Advocacy Auckland, New Zealand.

She currently resides in USA with her husband. 

She enjoys being by the ocean, walking in nature and
watching New Zealand rugby.

Nicola’s family resides on three continents so full family gatherings are Rare and precious.

Her story-telling has the audience thinking and feeling deeply. 

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Creator of Art of Feminine Presence

Someone who knows how to live her purpose

Nicola is an essential member of  National Speakers Association America